Secure & Restore
Your Home

Acts of vandalism to your family home or business are emotionally and financially devastating. We are never prepared for the traumatic experience of a misguided prank or a malicious crime. Once your property is invaded and unsecured, your exposure to additional theft, vandalism, weather or animals entering becomes an immediate concern.


Our 24/7 Emergency Preparedness Team will quickly be dispatched to your property to assist you through the devastation and minimize additional damage. Please call
804 794 4362 for immediate help to secure and restore your home.


  • General clean up and debris removal
  • Carpet cleaning and stain removal
  • Fire and water damage restoration
  • Graffiti removal
  • Temporary board-up of windows, doors and exposed areas
  • Lock, window and door replacement
  • Restore your property to original condition

Vandalism Prevention

1.  If you witness vandalism or any crime, call 911 immediately.
2.  Immediate clean up will help to prevent additional damage. Our Team will be immediately dispatched when you call.
3.  Once we complete temporary board up services, we will immediately connect you with our Estimating Team to finalize
restoration services.
4.  Install a home security or building camera to notify you upon trespassers. We can help!
5.  Enhance outdoor lighting around the perimeter. We can help!
6.  Always lock your home, vehicles and storage areas securely before you leave or retire for the evening.

Secure & Restore Your Home
with Wilton Construction Services
Call 804 794 4362

Secure & Restore Your Home with Wilton Construction Services
Call 804 794 4362

Need Help Now? Call Our 24/7 Emergency Service!

Need Help Now? Call Our 24/7 Emergency Service!