Home Accessibility Modifications

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Adaptability & Accessibility Improvements

As we age or find ourselves or a loved one suffering from a disability, our universal home no longer supports safety and independence. Adaptability and accessibility improvements are a critical focus as many aspects of our living space that were once functional, make even the simplest of task impossible. Our Certified Home Modification Specialist will assist you with making the right choices while providing smart solutions to improve your overall quality of life. It is important to understand aging and disabilities are a progression. Today’s modification may not sufficiently meet your needs as progression continues. Wilton Construction Fire & Water Services will provide a complete home evaluation with hopes of making your modification last a lifetime.


Accessible home modifications assist you with maintaining your specific lifestyle choices in a safer environment. These typically do not require a specialist to redesign your home. Adaptability options that meet ADA compliance can range from something as simple as a grab bar or replacing a faulty door knob. Accessible home modifications involve a more comprehensive approach like widening your doorways or lowering various counters to accommodate a wheelchair.

To schedule an evaluation, please call 804 794 4362

Some common accessible home modifications that can be made include the following:

  • Accessible bathrooms and living areas
  • Automatic door openers
  • Ceiling reinforcement and storage designed for heavy lifts and equipment
  • Computer equipment, lighting and security systems
  • Door and hallway widening
  • Easy access closets and shelving
  • Emergency exit design
  • Lift installation for bathrooms, stairs and living areas
  • Low-pile carpeting, smoothing flooring surfaces and non-skid traction slips
  • Transfer benches, grab bars and safety railings
  • Oversized light switches and fixtures
  • Walk-in showers and bathtubs with accessible controls
  • Wheelchair ramps

An endless list of possibilities to maximize independence for individuals and caregivers while putting family members at ease

Need Help Now? Call Our 24/7 Emergency Service Team

Need Help Now? Call Our 24/7 Emergency Service Team