Waterproofing Solutions

Wilton provides basement waterproofing solutions in Richmond & Powhatan, VA. We know basement water and mold problems are as old as the structures themselves. Water will leak, sometimes flood, into a basement through every possible opening, including walls, floors, joints, footings and concrete. Continuous exposure to water damage such as leaks, rain, and flooding erodes the quality of your basement, threatens the structural integrity and value of your home, and exposes your family to health risk due.

Our Mitigation Specialist are trained to identify underlying causes of wet basements and the musty smells and mold problems that often result.  We can help you to identity the water issues through a comprehensive interior and exterior inspection, help you to understand the causes and how they are affecting your home, and create a solution that works best for you. 

During the basement waterproofing solutions process, our team can complete mold testing and remediation services, sump pump and dehumidifier installation and much more to address your specific needs and concerns in your home. 

We can also design and remodel your basement to a beautiful, waterproof family room, mother-in-law-suite or man cave!

Crawl Space
Waterproofing Solutions

The crawl space of every home is an often forgotten space that no one wants to go in.  The difficult consequences of not taking care of this critical area is the negative impact forgetting your crawl space can have on indoor air quality, health, comfort, excessive utility bills, and the value and integrity impacting the entire home. An unattended crawl space also causes interior drywall cracks, odors due to rot and mold, uneven floors, allergens, pests and termites, rotten support beams and foundation.  

The end result could be costly to a homeowner and not covered by your homeowner policy. Preventing property damage and mold is easily achieved with waterproofing through encapsulation, sump pump installation, insulation, ventilation and mold remediation. 

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