Richard Griffin

Richard Griffin, President


  • 22 years with Wilton Construction
  • 33 years of construction and estimating experience
  • IICRC certified
  • Winner of: “Best Whole House Remodel”, “Best Kitchen Remodel”,
    and “Best Disaster Restoration Project” awards from Home Builders Association of Richmond
  • Member of Restoration Council of Richmond Home Builders Association
Marcus Thompson

Marcus Thompson, Lead Estimator


  • 19 years with Wilton Construction
  • 9 years as a Carpenter with Wilton Construction
  • 5 years as Project Manager for Wilton Construction overseeing all large projects and assists the estimators in taking care of the customer on a day to-day basis
  • IICRC certified
  • 5 years estimating insurance restoration
Neil Harding

Neil Harding, Estimator


  • 8 years with Wilton Construction estimating insurance restoration
  • 20 years of construction experience including 10 years in management with a national roofing company
  • IICRC certified
  • Master carpenter and master roofer
Brian Martin

Brian Martin, Project Manager


  • 8 years with Wilton Construction
  • 5 years as project manager for Wilton Construction
  • 26 years carpentry experience
  • Oversees all large projects and assists the estimators
  • Helping with the scheduling and quality control on a day-to-day basis
  • Brian’s talents are multifaceted, from his knowledge of carpentry work to his expertise in the “construction process”
Steve Myers

Steve Myers, Business Development 

  • 4 years with Wilton Construction
  • 25 years in construction field
  • 2 years as drywall/painter technician for Wilton Construction
  • 10 years estimating insurance restoration
Corky Wagner

Carl “Corky” Wagner, Lead Carpenter

  • 23 years with Wilton Construction overseeing the reconstruction of numerous dwellings severely damaged by a multitude of natural disasters
  • Instrumental in quality control through direct supervision of carpenter activities
  • Through his years of carpentry experience, Corky has demonstrated that there is nothing that he can’t frame.
Mac Easter

Mac Easter, Master Finish Carpentry Mechanic

  • 25 years with Wilton Construction as our expert with cabinetry, custom woodwork, and trim. His eye for detail can be an obsession that shows in all his work.
  • Expert in cabinetry, custom woodworking and trim
  • Mac can fix just about anything!
Shawn Chapman

Shawn Chapman, Master Siding & Cornice Mechanic

  • 6 years with Wilton Construction
  • 10 years as a sub-contractor for Wilton Construction
  • Expert in siding and detailed trim work. We are fortunate to have Shawn on staff; his metalwork alone has been an invaluable asset to Wilton Construction.
Tommy West

Thomas “Tommy” West, Lead Painter

  • 13 years with Wilton Construction as Lead Painter and one of the most “praised” employee by our customers.
  • Oversees our paint crews and takes great pride in the product his crews produce.
  • Always doing whatever is ask to help out
Philip Greenday

Philip Greenday, Drywall Technician/ Painter

  • 23 years with Wilton Construction.
  • Cabinet finishing & custom stain work including blending stains to match existing work, a talent that few possess.
  • Philip has an “eye for detail” that shows in all his work.
  • Expert drywall finishing and paint work.